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Our Chocolates

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The Complete collection of all five of our finest Premier cru chocolates.

About Us

Le Chocolat Des Iles is focused on creating only the purest forms of high-quality chocolates from carefully selected single -origin cacao beans. After years of travel and testing numerous samples, we have finally perfected the recipe and crafted the best chocolate.

We take the time to get to know each of our cooperatives personally, allowing us to build a strong relationship with our partners. Through our professional relationship, we can guarantee high-quality products while ensuring that cocoa farmers are fairly compensated.

Learn more about our origins and journey of discovering the best chocolate.

Our mission to help farmers

When we decided to make chocolate, we quickly realized we needed to do it right from start to finish. This meant creating a socially responsible supply chain to help all parties involved in creating Le Chocolat Des Iles.

Here’s how we’re making a difference.

How it’s made: from farm to your door

Ever wondered how chocolate is made? Chocolate goes through quite a long journey from the cacao pods on trees to your home...

Discover the journey of our Le Chocolate Des Iles cacao beans.

Our sourcing

You may have heard of high end chocolate companies talk about “single origin” sourcing, which as the name implies, single origin means “coming from one country”.

But have you heard of the french term “premier cru”?

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