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Our Sustainability Practices

Because we know just how hard it is to get the size.

We pay a premium price for organic and environmentally sustainable cocoa beans. Cocoa farmers such as those in the Cacahuati cooperative have been known for practicing sustainable agriculture and creating socially responsible cocoa beans.

Our Founder, Mr. Ravi Goojha, as a UN official listening to the concerns of farmers in Liberia

The additional income we provide will motivate the farmers to be more mindful of their farming practices regarding cocoa production. As the farmers are better paid, they can also fund healthier and more nutritious food for their families and provide their children with an education rather than the children becoming part of the child labor scourge, traditionally associated with the chocolate industry.

With sustainability, we not only aim to make the product better, but we also hope to reduce the effects the farming of cocoa beans on the environment. According to Ethan Budiansky, the director of environment at the World Cocoa Foundation cocoa has also been a major driver of deforestation.

To reduce our carbon footprint and prevent deforestation, we invite our customers to partner with us to help our cocoa farmers achieve a sustainable livelihood using agroforestry to preserve natural resources in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our approach protects children, preserves forests, and increases farmer income, while creating a pathway for a more inclusive, modern, and sustainable cocoa supply chain. We practice what others preach! When you shop with us, you can feel good about the brand you shop with.

Aerial view of a mix of cocoa, citrus, and other fruit trees- an example of sustainable agriculture practiced by Cacahuatl Cooperative in El Salvador-One of our cocoa bean suppliers!

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