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How it’s made

Because we know just how hard it is to get the size.

The cacao bean goes on a lengthy journey before it ends up as the melting goodness in your mouth. The process starts with us traveling to visit the selected farms worldwide to have some of the finest cocoa beans.

Inspecting the quality of cacao beans

Initial samples are brought to our testing lab, and they go through a rigorous process of testing and tasting to evaluate the flavor profiles of the beans. Most of the samples end up being rejected because they do not meet our stringent taste tests. Some of the farmers that provided the initial samples end up disappointed as we pay a substantially above -average price for the beans we buy.

Then we start the supply chain process by placing orders to the selected cooperatives keeping tabs on the movement of the beans until their entry into the US.

When the beans reach our facility, the beans are sorted to ensure purity.

Then the chocolate production process starts. First, we roast the beans at a temperature set to preserve their original flavor.

Roasting Machine
Refining process

Once roasted, the beans are cracked in a machine designed and manufactured to our specifications. During our refining process, all machines used were either manufactured by our founder or built to our specifications. After the beans are cracked, we separate the husk from the nibs in two stages. First, we pass them through a vibrating separator and then we put them through a winnowing machine.

The nibs then undergo a proprietary refining process in different machines until the product reaches a consistency where the tongue cannot distinguish any graininess (5-10 microns). The resulting chocolate is super smooth and creamy.

During the refining process, the required amount of sugar is added to achieve the targeted percentage of cocoa content.

We make two-ingredient chocolate- with just pure cocoa and sugar! There are no additives whatsoever! This means we don’t add things like sea- salt or orange rinds as we do not want anything to change the flavor of our chocolate. We believe the luxurious flavors of our rich chocolate deserve to be tasted without any adulteration.

The product then goes to a proprietary conch set to manufacture to our specifications. After the conching process, which lasts up to 12 hours, the cocoa liquor is ready for tempering and depositing into bars.

Depositing into molds to make bars of chocolate
Quality inspection of the finished chocolate bars

The cocoa liquor is either solidified into 20 kg blocks or goes directly to a holding tank and remains in a melted state (cocoa liquor) prior to going through the tempering process.

From the tempering machine, the liquid chocolate goes to a depositing line to be molded into chocolate bars. The molds then go through a cooling tunnel, after which, the bars are removed from the molds and packaged, ready to be shipped to consumers. Now they are ready to be enjoyed as one of the best chocolates in the world!

NOTE: Our proprietary process avoids the use of steel balls or granite rollers. Each of these processes leaves minute amounts of residue affecting the chocolate's taste profile. Instead, our proprietary process produces a pure chocolate with an exceptionally good mouthfeel and no bitter aftertaste.

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