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The Difference Between Good Chocolate And Bad Chocolate

Chocolate is the best thing ever. It can instantly make you feel better when you’re down. But sometimes, you might have noticed that chocolate doesn’t taste as delicious as it used to. There are some key elements that differentiate good chocolate vs. bad chocolate.

Though, there’s no such thing as terrible chocolate, some are definitely better than others. Making good chocolate is tricky and has lots of important steps. It’s all about the little details that go into creating exceptional chocolate that melts in your mouth.

Choosing Chocolate: Good Chocolate vs. Bad Chocolate?

Before you enjoy dark chocolate, it’s super important to know how to pick the best ones. The quality of chocolate depends on the ingredients used, how it’s made, and even how it’s packaged. Every little thing counts when it comes to making great chocolate.

Here are some signs to help you know if you’ve got the most delicious and top-notch chocolate:


You don’t need a fancy nose to tell if chocolate is good. Just rub the chocolate bar gently to smell it. The best chocolates have a strong and pure chocolate smell, not mixed with any other scents. They can also have hints of fruity, nutty, or earthy smells. Each bar smells different depending on where the cacao beans come from and their unique flavors.

At Le Chocolat des Iles, we really care about our dark chocolate. We pay special attention to its incredible aroma. Our dark chocolate smells so amazing that it makes even the most disciplined eaters crave it. Just like fine wine, our high-quality dark chocolate has many wonderful smells and flavors. It’s a treat for your senses, considering we have sourced it from different regions such as Bali, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, and Belize.


The first thing we do before eating any chocolate is to look at it. Chocolates with the perfect balance of ingredients, the right cocoa butter content, and are tempered properly will boast a nice sheen. Low-quality chocolate is dull, matte, and crumbly looking. Avoid them.


At Le Chocolat Des Iles, we use a special term called ‘Premier Cru’ to describe our top-notch chocolate. It means we get our beans from just one special place in a country. We do this because even in the same country, cacao beans can taste very different, so we pick the best ones. 

Different chocolates can taste different, depending on how much cocoa they have and how they’re made. But the best chocolate, made with the finest ingredients, will always feel smooth and rich when you eat it. As it melts in your mouth, you’ll taste different flavors, and a delicious chocolate taste will linger.

What to Look For: Right and Wrong 


Here are some things that make chocolate taste great:

  • Lots of cocoa solids: Chocolate with over 70% cocoa solids tastes super flavorful and has a complex taste. Less than 50% might not have that real chocolate taste.
  • Cocoa butter: Some chocolate makers use vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter to save money. But cocoa butter makes it smoother and better.
  • Smooth texture: Good chocolate feels really smooth when you eat it. That’s how you know it’s high-quality and delicious!


A number of things can go wrong, including:

  • Not using ripe beans.
  • Fermenting it the wrong way.
  • Roasting it too much or too little.
  • Not cleaning it properly.
  • Not smoothing and grinding it well.
  • Getting the crystal structure wrong when tempering it.

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