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Premier Cru and Grand Cru Chocolate: What is The Difference? 

There is so much that goes into making chocolate, especially premiere and grand cru chocolate. From its simple start as a bean to its decadent journey into a bar, there are plenty of factors to consider. But it all begins with where you get your cacao bean. Trust us. It makes a difference.

Premier Cru vs. Grand Cru

There are two classifications of high-end chocolate: premier cru and single origin (grand cru). In our world, premier cru is king because it’s considered to be the highest-quality chocolate on the market. But why?

Grand cru chocolate means that all of the beans sourced in a bar are from one single country or region. Premier cru chocolate dives even deeper than that. This chocolate doesn’t just source beans from one place, but from a specific location within that country or region, for example, a plantation.

Why is Premier Cru Chocolate Better?

When it comes to making chocolate, the flavor profile of a cocoa bean can drastically vary, even within a single country. Think about it like wine. A bottle from California will taste different than one from New York. So, even though you are getting beans from one common country or region, you are tasting a mixture of different flavors.

Les Chocolat Des Iles Premier Cru Chocolate

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Here at Les Chocolat des Iles, we get our cocoa from a single collective in every country we source from. We have spent many years traveling the world to visit farms in search of the best cocoa beans. We sample hundreds of beans from around the globe to choose only the best for our premier cru chocolate.Our recipe is just two ingredients: pure cocoa and sugar. This allows us to bring you the highest-quality and uniquely tasting chocolate in every bar we make. Our flavors are true to the dedicated farmers that love chocolate as much as we do.
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