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Le Chocolat des Iles’ Dark Chocolate: Why is it the best and healthiest chocolate? 

Dark chocolate with its high cocoa and low sugar content is the healthiest and best chocolate option. Antioxidants and flavonoids, found in abundance in the cocoa of dark chocolate, have been shown to have numerous health benefits.

Additionally, dark chocolate has less sugar than milk chocolate and other types, making it a lower-calorie and sugar option. In addition to that, these factors make dark chocolate a healthier and more nutritious choice.

Made with two ingredients only: cacao and sugar 

Le Chocolat des Iles creates dark chocolate of the highest quality and purity with two ingredients: cacao and sugar. Plus, this type of chocolate is minimally processed and has a high percentage of cocoa. 

Additionally, the simplicity of the ingredient list means that there are no added preservatives or artificial flavors. The natural flavor and aroma of the cacao shine through the minimal ingredients.

Our sourcing: Premier-cru

At Le Chocolat des Iles, we take great pride in our commitment to sourcing the highest quality cocoa beans for our chocolate. We understand that even within the same country, the quality and flavor profile of cacao beans can vary greatly. As a result, we only source our beans from a single cooperative within each country.

We guarantee that our chocolate has a unique taste profile by exclusively using premier cru beans. Additionally, we make the best chocolate by actively sampling cocoa beans from small cooperative farms worldwide.

Our premier cru chocolates possess their own unique taste profile, just like fine wine. The effort we put into sampling cocoa beans from small cooperative farms sets our chocolate apart. As a result, this makes them truly special.

We invite you to try our premier cru chocolates and taste the difference for yourself. We are confident that you will appreciate our chocolate’s smooth, rich, and flavorful taste.

Organic and environmentally sustainable cocoa beans

Our company actively sources cocoa beans from farmers who prioritize sustainability and social responsibility. Plus, we pay a premium price for organic and environmentally sustainable cocoa beans, that’s why we believe our chocolate is special.

We hope to encourage more farmers to adopt sustainable practices by paying a higher price for these beans. Furthermore, this can have a positive impact on the environment and the lives of the farmers and their families. 

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