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How to Choose the Right Dark Chocolate For Baking

There are lots of different types of chocolate to pick from: there’s white chocolate, smooth milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. But no matter which one you choose for a snack, when it’s time to cook or bake, some simple tips help you easily choose the right dark chocolate for baking.

Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate for Baking


Picking the right dark chocolate for baking can be a bit tricky. There are lots of choices, and it’s not easy to figure out which one is best for what you want to make. Dark chocolate is usually the best for cooking and baking because it has around 50 to 58% cocoa butter and no extra sugar. Plus, dark chocolate comes in many different types, making it more interesting. When you use it in a recipe, it adds a nice flavor that stays the same.


Milk chocolate has dairy in it, and that can change how some recipes turn out. So, using milk chocolate can make cooking a bit more challenging. Therefore, you might need to adjust the recipe to make sure everything turns out delicious.

The Best Choice: 70% Or Higher 

Most baking recipes use dark chocolate that’s 70% cocoa or more. That’s because chocolates in this range are really tasty and rich. Just like you can adjust other things when baking with chocolate, you can also use more or less cocoa percentage. But remember, if you use more cocoa, the taste might get a bit more bitter.

So, if you don’t want it too bitter, go for chocolate with less cocoa. Knowing about the different types of chocolate helps you find the perfect fit. The most common ones for baking are bittersweet, semisweet, and white chocolate.

Darker chocolate has a strong and yummy taste, while semisweet and white chocolate are not as strong. For baking, the best choice is bittersweet chocolate because it gives a deep and rich flavor to your recipes. If you like chocolate that’s not too strong, you can use semisweet or white chocolate. 

But remember, when you’re picking chocolate for baking, you need to think about all these things. And when a recipe asks for melted chocolate, use one with more cocoa butter, like a higher cocoa percentage chocolate.

What makes Le Chocolat des Iles bars different from the rest?

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