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Different Types of Chocolate – All You Need to Know

There is an abundance of different types of chocolate out there. Some of them you’ve definitely heard of while others maybe not. Together we will explore the many types of chocolate you can eat, use for baking, or gift to a loved one. Here they are.

Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a well-known treat that has been popular not only for its flavors but for its health benefits as well. It is generally, a healthier option in contrast to other chocolates. It can also be baking chocolate due to its rich flavor. For example, at Le Chocolat des Iles we offer pure dark chocolate which includes only two ingredients: cacao and cane sugar.

This means that at Le Chocolat des Iles, the chocolate bars are made free of any additives or preservatives. Overall, we select the finest cacao beans and process them using careful methods. This is a top choice for people looking to have a healthier lifestyle and a more delicious option. 

White Chocolate

White chocolate is different from any of the other chocolate. Unlike classic chocolate which includes cocoa solids, white chocolate includes sugar, cocoa butter, and milk. You can use white chocolate in baking, confections, and more. 

Additionally, it pairs well with fresh and dried fruit, nuts, and more! It is able to add a creamy and rich texture to any combination and dish. Some people might argue that white chocolate is not real chocolate. However, it is still a type of chocolate due to its cocoa butter content. 

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is the most popular out of all four. This chocolate comes in different shapes and sizes and it gives a smooth, creamy texture, and sweet taste. The difference between milk and dark chocolate is that the cocoa percentage is lower and – as the name suggests – it includes milk. 

Though, it may not be as healthy as dark chocolate, it still includes antioxidants and provides a source of calcium and other minerals from the milk. Additionally, it is not as dark in color as dark chocolate. The cocoa content typically ranges from 10% to 50%. 

Ruby Chocolate 

Ruby chocolate is a recent addition to the world of chocolate. It ranges 4th alongside dark, milk, and white chocolate. For the first time, it was introduced by Barry Callebaut, a Belgian chocolate manufacturer in 2017 after years of research and development. 

Unlike other chocolates, ruby chocolate is made from a unique variety of cocoa beans called the “Ruby” bean. This bean has a natural pink/reddish tint to it. The production of the chocolate is very careful in order to preserve the natural flavor and color of the Ruby bean, resulting in a distinctive fruity and slightly sour flavor.

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