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3 Things You Need to Know About Artisan Dark Chocolate

Artisan dark chocolate means that the bars are handmade with pure cocoa – a sustainable source. That is what makes them so attractive. The cocoa beans are from worldwide regions. Plus, it brings to mind a feeling of honesty and loyalty. In this blog, we will share a few things you need to know about this chocolate and its methods. 

Artisan dark chocolate: what it is and how to make it? 

This is a quality, handcrafted chocolate. You make it by using detailed methods. Notably, there is a focus on fine ingredients. It’s crafted in small batches with attention to detail. 

Additionally, the chocolate makers select cocoa beans carefully. This includes: 

  • roasting, 
  • grinding, 
  • tempering, and 
  • molding. 

Furthermore, it focuses on ingredients, flavors, and aromas. That’s how Le Chocolat des Iles selects cocoa beans. Moreover, we research, sample, and taste-test hundred of cacao beans worldwide. This way we can choose the best flavor profiles.


Le Chocolat des Iles’ chocolates focus on 3 important elements: 

  • ingredients, 
  • flavor, and 
  • aroma. 

Moreover, we research, sample, and taste-test hundred of cacao beans worldwide. This way we can choose the best flavor profiles. We’ve created Premier Cru Organic Dark Chocolate using only cacao beans and cane sugar. 

Healthy chocolate bars

For chocolate to qualify as artisan chocolate, it must meet these standards.


  • Single-origin: Firstly, cocoa beans should come from a single farm or region.
  • Bean to bar: Secondly, you grind the beans themselves to create a special liquid called cocoa liquor, instead of using pre-made cocoa liquid.
  • Handmade in small batches: Not mass-produced in factories like industrial chocolate.
  • Sustainable: Cocoa beans should grow under conditions that prevent child labor and protects farmers. 
  • Quality ingredients: This chocolate goes above and beyond commercial chocolate. 
  • Organic and vegan: It should be dairy free. Increasingly, consumers are choosing healthier foods based on these labels.
  • High cacao content: it contains a high percentage of cocoa butter, which ranges from 70% to 99%.

Needs a different storage method

There is a specific way to store these dark chocolates. You leave them in a cool and dry place in order to prevent condensation on the surface since it can draw out sugars from the chocolate. 


Moreover, it’s important to avoid areas that are too warm. These areas include direct sunlight or bright lights because it can cause the cocoa butter to separate from the mixture. Additionally, the storage area should be kept away from strong smells and temperature changes. Ideally, they’re best kept at temperatures ranging from 16°C to 22°C.

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